GMO'S at Market

     This is the first time I have known about GMO sweet corn being sold at the Bailey Cove Farmers Market.

The farmer is truthful about his corn and will admit that it is GMO. Russell had bought some then I told him it was GMO so he took it back and the farm refunded his money. I don't know how many farms are selling it and how much is at market.

As always it is buyer beware, the farmer should be glad to tell you what kind of corn it is and how it is grown. If they aren't I wouldn't buy anything from them.

This particular corn is a BT corn. It's genes are genetically modified with a bacteria (Bacillus Thuringensis) insert into them. This kills worms of all kinds. On corn it kills the ear worms that eat the kernals at the end of the ears. They are a particularly hard to keep out of your corn especially in the south.

Here is what to look for: If the corn looks to good and has all of it kernals all the way to the end it is probably gmo.

If the ends are cut off or you see a worm or or two when you peel the husk back it probably isn't gmo. It still may have been sprayed however.

At our farm store this year they have round up ready corn for sale for the home garden. At least it was labeled. In Alabama they do not have to label it. Again buyer beware. Personally I am glad to see some insect damage it means it has been grown organically or at least minimally sprayed. If the bugs like it so will you and you will not put yourself at risk for the health effects of any genetic modification be it for herbicides, insecticides or the killer genes that keep the plant from producing it own seeds. Yes there are health effects, The British govt commissioned a 3 million dollar study of GMO's. They compared health effects in rats from gmo grain, organic grain and conventionally grown (non-gmo, just sprayed) they could see if the results were from chemical sprays or from the genetic modification. The results are staggering. Major organ malfunctions/ failure, cancers, sterility where the male and female both produce spermicides the male will produce it to kill his own sperm and the female will kill them when it enters her body. The researcher and his staff were fired and discredited the results were found in 2003 and we are just now finding out about it. Watch the documentary called "seeds of Death".

Besides the health effects of the gmo's the health effects and environmental damage from the increase in pesticide and herbicide use because of the super weeds and super bugs that are produced by their resistance to the gmo crops. Just like the never ending cycle of resistance to antibiotics that have produced super viruses and bacterias. The gmo traits are failing, even the stacked ones with multiple traits combined in one gene so chemical use has skyrocketed, yields are decreasing, super weeds and insects, health and environmental damage, the farmer is just a low paid worker in this corporate system and have to rely on subsidies because he has to produce below the cost of production so the US can export our commodities and under cut the indigenous