News From the Farm

  November16th                             We are planting our last high tunnel so it will be ready to harvest well after the first of the year. We have gotten base cabinets for the kitchen in our cabin which is a work in progress. One step at a time.

The last day of the Madison City Farmers Market is this coming Saturday. We will miss seeing everyone.           

Winter Deliveries: We will be starting our winter delivery program the very net Saturday after Thanksgiving. This year we are working with several other farms you are probably familiar with if you frequent the Madison mkt. the Blanks Berry Farm, 3 Blanks Farm, Bixler Farm, 4Maz, and of course us. So you will be able to get food thru the winter barring bad traveling conditions.  I edit the store on Monday mornings unless it is a holiday then it is Tuesdays. You will have from Monday afternoon till Thursday afternoon to place your order for delivery on Saturdays.  If you want food from the Blanks Berry Farm you will have to order  from their website (link provided on our store front). I know its confusing but that is what they want to do.              Delivery info. (also posted on the store)

Lathum Methodist Church at 109 Weatherly Rd. in S. Hunstville (where the mkt was this year.)                                 pick up from 9:00-10:00 a.m.

Madison City Farmers Mkt.

Pick up from 10:30-11:30 a.m.

We will also have a mkt booth at Lowell Mill from 12:00 a.m. to dark next to Chef Will's Food Truck. So you can catch us there. If you missed placing an order during the week.

Check out the store!

Feburary 15th 2016

A lot has happened since I had last talked to you all.

Our field crops have died in the field because of the cold and the rainy weather typical of January. We fully expect our field crops to die in January and hopefully the high tunnels will take over producing. Which happened this year like it was planned. How did that happen? Nothing ever happens as we design it in farming, at least not most of the time. We have 3 small high tunnels so that means we have limited space to grow crops. We could sell twice as much as we can grow this year .  So this fall we will be building another one.

The chickens are laying again! They think it is spring and so do we. The 3 Blanks Farm, Bixler Farm and 4 Maz farm have eggs now, so no limit on ordering eggs.

We also had our annual seed swap at the church of the Nativity in Huntsville Friday. What a great time swapping, talking to people about seeds and some great food. We will be doing another one at the Albertville Museum on the 28th.

April 2nd. we will be doing a seed swap at the Women in Agriculture event (food and fiber) at the agribition center on Moores Mill Rd. That one goes all day. 

Hope your Valentines day was great and you were appreciated for all the things you do. Thanks for supporting us and we will talk to you later. Dove

December, 14th

It has been awhile since I last talked to you.

We are still harvesting our field crops. It has gotten down to 20 degrees before and they have come thru it alright but it wasn't consecutive days and it warmed up afterwards, but it does slow them down, along with the day length being short this time of year everything thing takes longer to grow and come back from harvesting. Cloudy days only add to slow growth.

After all this is when mother nature rests and the plants normally put their energy into the roots and we are asking them to go against what their natural cycle is.

By the time the cold rains of January begin and everything in the field rots and or freezes "hopefully" everything in the high tunnels will be ready. It's looking good. We will have head lettuce in another week, the spinach is doing well, after the first of the year we will have beets ,carrots and lettuce mix, fresh baby asian greens.

We have been blessed with warm not too wet of weather so the field crops have kept going. It is time to plan net years garden! Soo Soon!

At least we get to sleep a little later in the winter time. Talk to you later. Dove

March 14, 2016

Spring has Sprung:

We have tilled down our spring field last week and are planting it this week with our first field planting which include milan turnips, which are fine grained white turnips, sweet and are excellent roasted with other root crops, turnip greens, more green onions, spring radish mix of assorted colors, swiss chard, beets, carrots, lettuce, kale a bed for baby greens and a bed for full size leaf, good for making chips. Lettuce for salad mi and heads, asian greens, Kohlrabi purple and white. Our bachelor buttons, anise hyssop, tansy, larkspur are all up and about 4" tall  now.

The veggies have been rotating in the high tunnels and as some have completed their life cycle they have been tilled down and replanted. The new beds of spring radishes, asian geens, green onions, arugula are all up and will be ready soon. Quanity has been limited because we only have 3 small tunnels. This fall we want to put up another one so we will have more next winter.

Another season is under way, hope we can keep up. Russell is doing well, still short of breath and weaker than he was. I think he is doing remarkable considering what has happened to him.

We have also got our bathroom plumbed, has to be tilled yet. Half the house is dry walled, but we will have to put these projects on the back burner because farming comes first. We are so grateful for everyone's help in making it possible for us to have a warm dry place this winter. Your support of our winter market this year has help greatly. Many thanks.

I will send pictures as soon as I can get them off my phone which is disabled at this point.

Jan 23 rd
What a rain we had last night! Everyone's pond seems to be full and we have made progress on the water deficit from last summers drought.
It is usually at this time of year that the field crops melt in the field from the cold and the rains. This morning they looked fine and we have been getting enough wind and sun in between rains, so the field crops have continued on. We still have turnip greens, Chinese cabbage, diakon radishes, arugula, asian greens still in the field, green onions have made a come back this week and look good.
A couple of weeks ago we have planted 2 high tunnels with early crops and they are up and look good the swiss chard hasn't made a good stand so far, but the beets, mustard, lettuce mix, spinach, kale, radishes, onions, turnips, bok choy, and arugula have.
We will be getting our spring fields ready soon. The winter has just zoomed by so fast, and the market season will be upon us quickly. We are planning on planting about another 1/2 acre more this year and we are looking for help. So if you know of a young person who would like a summer job let us know.

 December 28th

Our holidays were good.

What about all that rain! We measured 9" over Christmas. Town creek is on our north border and it had come out of its banks and flooded the field on the other side and the trees on our side of the creek are now about 30' into the creek. Very few times does it get so high. We are on Sand Mountain and everything is down hill from here so I know the flood plains around Huntsville and other towns that border the Tennessee River will have a lot of water if we have this much. We are getting more rain right now. Hope we don't get bad weather they are predicting.

So we have been working on the cabin and we are doing the bathroom now. We have got it plumbed, the subfloor down, the dry wall, and the tub raised. We still have to get the outside plumbing done and get the durarock and tile to finish it. We would like to do a mosaic but we may not want to spend the time. Spring is approaching, and inside activities end.

So far the field crops are doing ok but with so much rain and if it gets below freezing they may rot totally. Thankfully the high tunnels are starting to produce, some lettuces and spinach. So far the winter has been kind to our field crops, but the January rains and cold is usually to much for them.

We thank all the people who have helped and supported us thru Russell's heart attack and getting field work done and building our second story on and getting it roofed, a big job done. Bless you all and hope you and your families are healthy and happy. Dove & Russell

  March 28th

     We made our last winter delivery Saturday. Madison City Farmers Market opens April 9th, from 8:00-Noon, every Saturday until Thanksgiving. It is only 2 weeks away and we wanted the gardens time to grow and give us 4 extra days to work in the fields and get ready for market.

It is always good to see everyone at market as well as  the other farmers we never get to see any other time. We are excited about the up coming year. We are growing wheat grass and will have it for sale at market and some seeds this year.

4Maz farm or Moo-shine dairy will be sharing a booth with us this year so you will be able to find their products there.

We have gotten the first round of spring veggies planted so far and will be planting the second round in another week, we keep succession planting until it gets too hot for spring veggies. Summer veggies are planted in the greenhouse and will be planted when the weather warms up more and is more stable. Looking forward to a great year.

We had a good winter this year thanks to  all of you who supported us. We are very thankful. Next year we will have another high tunnel up so we can have more veggies for you all next winter.

If you know of anyone who would like to intern for the season or 1/2 of it let us know. We now have a loft someone can stay in and they can learn sustainable agriculture and seed saving. If you know any young people who want to learn please have them e-mail or call us. They can also fill out our application on our website.