July 18th

Long time since I have posted. After markets start time just flyes by. It has been nice seeing everyone at the markets again!

Spring planting went well and things just kind of sat there then all of a sudden they were going to seed, didn't stay in the leaf stage long and they went to seed fast. It seems it will be a good seed saving year. It also means that we have not gotten the successive pickings off some crops that we usually get 3-4 more picking off of.However the summer crops seem to be doing well. We planted late because we didn't have the firewood cut for heating the greenhouse that we should of had because of Russell's heart attack. We usually start planting in the greenhouse in January, but we had to wait for the weather to warm up. Boy did it ever the last half of May and all of June, it got hot and dry, we have also had a lot of wind this year that has dried the leaves out and we lost a whole bed of chinese cabbage because of it and some of our kale, the lettuce went to seed before we got any good heads. I did try a diakon radish that was advertised to grow during the summer in tropical areas and it has done well with the heat and dry. I don't like radishes but Russell loves them so we have grated them mixed in a little onion,flour and egg and have made patties with them, pan fried them and served them with sour cream, found out I like cooked radishes. The Blackberries have done well despite almost drying up before the rains came, but they did come and they have been really good.  Well it looks like it is going to be heating up again this week, so stay cool and see you at the markets.

Nov. 14th

We will not be doing deliveries on Christmas Eve but will be doing them on New Years Eve!

Tuesday Deliveries to Wills Creek Family Medicine will keep on going!

Winter Deliveries!

Well the last market is this coming Saturday. If you want to keep getting chemical free local food thru the winter you can buy from the store in this website.

Saturday Dec. 3rd will be our first delivery day.

9:00 am-10:00am at Lathum Methodist Church at 109 Weatherly Dr. where the market wads this year.

10:30am-10:30am where the Madison Market was this year at Trinity Baptist Church on Hughes Rd

We are once again teaming up with other farmers this winter and selling our collective wares thru our online store. 3 Blanks Farm and  Bixler Farms will be providing eggs, WW Farms will be providing beef, pork and some vegetables, Whirlwind Farm will be providing vegetables. We grow vegetables in the winter in hoop houses (unheated greenhouses).

We will edit the website every Monday morning and you will have until Thursday at 3:30 pm to order. Then the farmers fill the orders on Fridays, so please no late orders. Everyone who signed our  e-mail list at market will receive an e-mail on Mondays when the store has been opened for ordering and any news we have to pass along to you concerning deliveries and what we will have coming out of the field.

There are also google maps to our pick up points under the store button.

See you this winter your farmers.


August 15th

We have started fall planting in the high tunnels. Late tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and a start on some cool weather crops like spinach, lettuce mix and some herbs like sorrel, dill, parsley. We have also started transplants in the for our fall field plantings in the greenhouse. All cool weather crops, basically all the leafy greens, asian greens and root vegetables. We want to put up another high tunnel this fall we have materials for 1/2 of one we will need to get materials for the rest. So we will have more veggies for winter deliveries this year.

Our tractor has some electrical issues so we haven't been able to bush hog or to get a cover crop and mulch tilled in our front field, getting ready for fall. So we look a little more raged than usual.

However we have gotten a water tank that we can separate the iron out of our well water before we put it thru our filter going to the house so a little more plumbing and we will have drinkable water going to the house. Yeah! It is coming together, slow but sure. See you at market.

Dec. 26th

Hope you all have had an excellent Christmas! Will see you this week.

We have had a productive one we have gotten siding up on our gable ends of our cabin, which was still house wrap. Another step on the road to progress.

The field crops are still doing well, deer had gotten about 500 heads of lettuce that were almost big enough to sell. Can't blame them they don't have very much to eat, hopefully that has changed since the rain, the pastures are looking greener. Rabbits have been nibbling on green onions. Hm! Looks like the weather is going to stay mild for the next week or so that is good news.

Mojo is in love, he has been bothering the neighbors dogs so we have him tied during the day and inside with us during the night. He is howling a very mournful tune. He has got it bad.

You can order this week, we will be delivering News Years Eve and Tuesday at the Wills Creek Clinic.


September 18th

Rain! Yeah! we got some, a little we are supposed to get some more later on in the week. So they say. Needless to say it has been hot and dry. We were not at market last week and will not be this week. Our fall crops will be coming in then. Sorry for the 2 week gap in production, but nothing even the spring crops only stood in the field half as long as they should. Veggies that we should of been harvesting for 2 months we got 1 out of. The plants have been in a hurry to go to seed for some reason this year. I think it is part of a bigger multiyear cycle. Subject for another discussion.

Our first fall field plantings have finally taken off with this little bit of rain, even though we had planted and irrigated the heat and dry winds has slowed everything down including us.                                 So next week we will have small radishes and green onions, the last of our field tomatoes to start with, then come all the greens. Our high tunnel tomatoes are starting to fruit so are the squash and late cucumbers we will try to keep those going as long as we can before it gets too cold. Maybe we will actually have tomatoes with lettuce this year.


Yes we are doing winter deliveries again this year and we are including 3 Blanks Farm with eggs, Bixler Farm with eggs, Whirlwind with veggies and WW Farm with veggies meat and eggs. It will work like previous years where you will be able to order on line then we will deliver every Saturday in S. Huntsville where Lathum Market is now and Madison where the Madison market is now. Stay tuned to the our store page for details and maps. I will send out a reminder e-mail a week before the first delivery then every Monday after that. Last year we only missed 2 weeks one was because of a snow storm and the other was the week before the Madison market opens so we can give our gardens a chance to catch up so we have a good first market day. You can provide us with your contact info at our market booth or WW Farms booth when you see one of us at market or just contact me thru the contact us form on this site, e-mail us at whirlwindfsrms4@gmail.com.

We will also have another high tunnel added this year so we can offer more veggies. Thanks for your encouragement and trust we value you.