Help Wanted

      We are looking for workers on our farm for the 2019 season, we offer work for those who want to get their hands dirty, and to people who would like a more in depth relationship such as an internship or apprenticeship.

     We are a small vegetable operation but we grow year round in field and high tunnels, save seeds plus have numerous green building projects that are always in the works. Provided we have the resources to complete them. Like a straw bale barn, a rocket mass heater that will be built in the greenhouse, water catchment etc. So there is ample opportunity to learn a variety of things. Carpentry, plumbing,electrical, seed saving, organic vegetable production. Winter in usually the time we do our building projects because summer we don't have the time to take from the fields. During the summer we do 2 farmers markets in the Huntsville AL. area and local deliveries on Sand Mtn.

     Volunteers, WOOFers and we would like at least a 1 month commitment. Interns/apprentices at least a 3mo. seasonal commitment or longer if we are in agreement. We consider interns/ apprentices people who want to learn from us as well as teach us. Student is the teacher and the teacher is the student. Workers also have picking rights for food and a stipend can be worked out.
 Let us know your needs.

     Facilities; We have built a cabin and have a loft you can stay in and we can share the bathroom and kitchen. We alsohave primitive camping with a fire pit in a circle of pines, we will share bathroom facilities, we have a wide creek with a swimming hole. Bring your tent or camp in your truck. If you have specific dietary needs you will have to make them known and or prepare your own food. We are omnivores and will eat almost anything , a good grocery store is over an hour away, we eat out of the garden and we trade farm friends veggies for clean meat. You are welcome to eat with us and take turns preparing food if you are inclined.

    Transportation: You will need your own transportation as we only have one vehicle that must do it all.  If you like the natural world and enjoy hiking and camping and boating, we live in an area with several State Parks and a National Park.

    Must be a non smoker, due to spreading tobacco mosaic virus in our garden, it lives in the soil for at least 10 years.

   No animals please as we have 2 dogs who don't always play well with others.

   Work requirements: 8 hours a day on our harvest days which are 3 days a week Tuesday,Thursday and Friday when we are picking for market. On Mondays and Wednesday we ask 5 hrs of work. Sunday is our day off, usually. This may be fluctuating some this next year as we are working on another program. The rest of the time is yours. If you need time off to visit family or go to other farms in the area please let us know a head of time so we can work schedules around it. In the summer we work in the early morning and the evening because the day is too hot. You must be willing to work in this environment, we take breaks with plenty of water and don't over do it. We work in the rain and cold. So please bring appropriate clothing, rain gear and boots or shoes. You must be able to lift 50lbs., your hands must fit hand tools, it requires a lot of stooping, bending,pulling,lifting it is a physical life. The tasks are varied and numerous. We have a greenhouse and grow our own transplants, we save seeds for our seed bank and field work.  We are expanding our mushroom growing if you are knowledgeable come on down. We are also continuing to plant more berries and tree crops and medicinals. We look at the farm as a whole organism and practice some biodynamic practices. If this sounds like something you would like to experience, Please write a little bit about yourself background,education interests,hobbies etc. and why you want to come and what you want to get out of your stay here. Please include contact information and at least 2 references 1 employer and 1 personal (not family). You can e-mail it to us thru the contact page or to or mail it to Whirlwind Farm 189 co.rd. 9060, Geraldine,Al. 35974 we look forward to working with you.