From Roots to Fruits


     As the title implies our philosophy is about looking at a whole system, whether it is a single plant , a field, an ecosystem like our pond environment, the whole farm or the communities we live in. We are all interdependent from the smallest soil microbe or airborn nitrogen from snow or a thunder storm to plants animals, people and communities. If you provide the soil with the best food you can, the web of soil life will break it down into the nutrients the plants need to digest(the microbes are the plants stomach) and absorb, to create a healthy immune system so they can fight off disease and insects. They will come to bear the best food we all need to survive with all the nutrients in a balanced form we need so we can develop into a healthy person hopefully contributing to our local communities in a positive healthy way. Whirlwind Farm is about more than producing food. It is farmed with the knowledge of being stewards of this land, that we are only here for a short time to take care of the inheritance we have been handed from the previous generations of care takers. We must leave this land in a healthier way than when we found it, and have the knowledge to be able to pass it onto the next generation so they may add their insights and knowledge onto it. We feel the best way to do this is to show how we can make a living farming enhancing or building our resource base instead of exploiting them. This in turn also feeds our soul as farmers with a quality of life that meets our needs beyond just the bottom line. We are organic, living dynamic beings who reside on this earth with other living dynamic beings and have our part to play in this incredible creation. As human beings our needs must be met on the spiritual, emotional, physical, mental level and we view being participant in this life and not observers, fullfills those needs in a way that is most beneficial to us and others. This means our growing practices are based around the most natural least intrusive yet practical ways of doing things, following the natural rhythums /cycles of nature, we do not use any kind of chemicals, we build our soil mass and microbes with cover crops and leave mulch, develop farm structures that are suitable to our environment and leave the smallest footprint possible with in our means. By approaching farming in this wholistic way we also look beyond our farm and how we are impacting our local area. We grow and compost our own fertilizers so we aren't importing someone else's resources, support our local economy by shopping from local merchants and hiring local help, provide Nutritional dense food for our community. We call this from roots to fruits because whether it is building a base of living soil, providing fresh clean food that link our customers bodies with the land, or making it possible for our community to be a little more sustainable in its self. Again maybe we all can do our part to fill our souls with the values that make us whole people. It isn't just about not using chemicals it is about creating a healthy environment that we all can respond to. From Roots to Fruits.