Whirlwind Farm has been growing and providing locally grown, clean food for 20 years. Where soil health and diversity means health not only in our nutrient dense food and our farm but in the health of the people who eat our food, it radiates out to the health of our local community and economy.

      Come see us or volunteer at the farm, look for us at area farmers markets, or shop at our on line store where you can get food year round not only from us but from some of our other farming friends as we work together to bring you the best we have to offer. Thank you for supporting your farming community.


    Fall is here and we just dug the sunchokes. We dug a 1/2 bushel from 2 plants. So guess what we are having for dinner.

Jerusalem artichokes or sunchokes as they are called are starchy tubers with plenty of fiber and a low glycemic index

Here is a simple but a good recipe for them.

Wash and cut sunchokes into 1 inch pieces and toss with olive oil and your favorite herb. Bake at 400 degrees for 25-30 minutes.

Makes a great side for almost anything.

Sunchokes are healthy in a number of ways they have a low glycemic index, good for high cholesterol by lowering the bad stuff. High in vitamin B's good for high blood pressure and inflammation.

We encourage you to share your recipes with us, we all look for inspiration when we get tired of eating our own cooking. So we would like to here from you. You can e-mail at whirlwindfarms4@gmail.com or use our contact page. Look forward to some great recipes!

News from  the farm

Feb. 22

     Well it is finally warming up after the deep freeze.  We covered everything with row cover then put straw on top. Everything seemed to make it fine lost a few things but overall things look good.

Spring has sprung and we are excited about this year. We are going to be growing more seeds out that we can offer for sale next year. Pluse we are going to plant some plants we have a hard time growing because of something curious about our particular farm. We are going to try them in the high tunnel and see if they will do well there.

Alls well hope you have escaped frozen pipes and accidents. We only got a little sleet and rain and just cold.

Did You Know?

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