Whirlwind Farm has been growing and providing locally grown, clean food for 16 years. Where soil health and diversity means health not only in our nutrient dense food and our farm but in the health of the people who eat our food, it radiates out to the health of our local community and economy.

      Come see us or volunteer at the farm, look for us at area farmers markets, or shop at our on line store where you can get food year round not only from us but from some of our other farming friends as we work together to bring you the best we have to offer. Thank you for supporting your farming community.


     We feature recipes for in season produce that you may not know what to do with.  Or just a different twist on the familiar. We also encourage anyone to contact us and share a favorite recipe they may have.

    Nutritional information  is included for the main vegetable in the recipe for those who are health conscience, to make informative decisions concerning their food.

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News from  the farm

Dec. 26th

Hope you all have had an excellent Christmas! Will see you this week.

We have had a productive one we have gotten siding up on our gable ends of our cabin, which was still house wrap. Another step on the road to progress.

The field crops are still doing well, deer had gotten about 500 heads of lettuce that were almost big enough to sell. Can't blame them they don't have very much to eat, hopefully that has changed since the rain, the pastures are looking greener. Rabbits have been nibbling on green onions. Hm! Looks like the weather is going to stay mild for the next week or so that is good news.

Mojo is in love, he has been bothering the neighbors dogs so we have him tied during the day and inside with us during the night. He is howling a very mournful tune. He has got it bad.

You can order this week, we will be delivering News Years Eve and Tuesday at the Wills Creek Clinic.

Did You Know?

 This section of our site contains what you as a buyer of local foods may not know, and would like to know about your food, farming techniques, regulations or gardening products.

This information is provided to help you make informed decisions about the food you put into your bodies and your health. We'll also include practices or products that we use in farming or you use in gardening that would make a difference in your food choices.